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About Us

We are a network of voluntary & community sector groups with an interest in health & social care. We are open to any interested individuals or groups. Join us via this website.

Our aims are to ensure:

  • the Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS) perspective is heard in the Health & social Care planning & commissioning of services in City & Hackney
  • that we have accountable and supported VCS representatives in Health & Social Care planning & commissioning meetings in City & Hackney
  • that Health & Social Care VCS groups have opportunities to network and to share good practice in City & Hackney
  • that Health & Social Care VCS groups have access to quality information on local & national policy, planning,  funding that will assist them to deliver quality services to Hackney residents.

About being a HSCF Representative 
We are grateful to our representatives, who go to meetings to take forward the views of the SIG’s and the Forum. 
Representatives attend SIG’s or the Forum and look on online and represent these views at meetings with LBH/ NHS. We then ask reps. to feedback via the website.
If you are interested in being a representative, please contact Jackie or Shamima on 0207 923 1962 or via 
Our current HSCF representatives are:

Name and Organisation


Alistair Wallace- Mobile Repair Service

Health & Wellbeing Board

Frances Haste- Hackney CVS


Integrated Care Partnership Board

Chaya Spitz- Interlink Foundation

One Hackney –Programme Board and Executive Group


Jake Ferguson- Hackney CVS

Hackney Devolution Transformation Board

Programme leadership

Helen Watson- Family Mosaic

 Hackney Devolution Transformation Board- System Organisation

Jane Caldwell- Age UK East London

Hackney Devolution Transformation Board- Finance, financial modelling and commissioning

Paul Monks-  Core Arts

Hackney Devolution Transformation Board- Estates

Jackie Bret- HSCF

Hackney Devolution Transformation Board- Communications and Engagement

Alistair Wallace- Mobile Repair Service

IT Enablers

Recruitment in process

Hackney Devolution Transformation Board- Organisational design

Hazel McKenzie- HCEO

Connect Hackney Steering Group



Mental Health Clinicians Group – Hana Villar (City & Hackney Mind) and Delores McPherson (Off Centre) Paul Monks (Core Arts) and Nursel Tas (Derman)

Patient & Public Involvement Board - Jackie Brett (HSCF) and Ali Aksoy (Hackney Refugee Forum)

Tobacco Control Alliance – Jacqui Henry (Shoreditch Trust)  (Feeding into H&WB strategic priorities)

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