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Craft masterclass for isolated older people

Craft Connections is a project, which celebrates the heritage of British craft and its power to reduce social isolation by forging connections with the past and future; bringing together older people, designers and young people forging their way in craft (education).

Together we want to address issues of social isolation and loneliness that they may experience with the following during London Craft Week; 9 - 13 May 2018:

-craft workshops/masterclasses for older people in east London delivered by young craft apprentices/scholars and designers

-a celebratory craft tea party for older people - 30 - 40 people

-interviews to document the stories of older crafts people

Contact Natasha on 07939997476 if you know of any existing groups/contacts dedicated to older people in Hackney/east London, who have an interest in creative activities and who would be receptive to taking part in a craft masterclass delivered by a young craft scholar.

Adult Safeguarding Peer Review in Hackney in April

In April, Hackney Council will host a peer review into Adult Safeguarding.  This is being facilitated by the London Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (London ADASS). The peer review team is made up of senior staff from Adult Social Care teams within other local authorities in London.   

The peer review is not designed to be an inspection; instead it aims to be a useful learning exercise where the council and our partners will assess our strengths and identify areas for improvement.  

Every London authority will undergo a peer review at some point and it is a useful way of getting expert views from an external audience on how we can continue to develop excellent services. The peer review team will look at all areas of Adult Safeguarding, from frontline practice to the leadership provided by the Safeguarding Adults Board, including people’s experiences of safeguarding and their outcomes. 

The council will share the outcomes and any follow up actions that may arise from the review. Kristine Wellington will be part of the review process on behalf of Hackney CVS. If you would like more information about the peer review please contact:

Tessa Cole

Head of Strategic Programmes and Governance

Children’s, Adults, and Community Health Directorate

London Borough of Hackney

W: ¦¦ E:

Red Cross Casework Coordinator


Casework Coordinator

This is a great opportunity to join our Refugee Support and International Family Tracing Services team based in London. This is a Full time, 3 month Fixed Term contract.

The Casework Coordinator will ensure provision of multi-lingual, one to one, casework support, in a safe, gender sensitive and confidential environment. They will offer a holistic needs assessment and plan flexible, outcome based responses to individual needs with the aim of mitigating crisis, improving wellbeing and building resilience. 

Please click here for full job description 

Closing date for applications is (23:59), Monday, 19th March 2018.

Apply to be a PEER Ambassador!

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Apply to be a PEER Ambassador

PAID: £8/hr part-time 

DATES: 20 APRIL - 25 JUNE 2018

PEER is an art gallery located next to the post office on Hoxton Street. The gallery presents contemporary art and offers opportunities and experiences to local people of all ages.


From April to June 2018 PEER will show a new exhibition by Abigail Reynolds. We are looking for FOUR young people (16+) to work with us as gallery ambassadors to promote the exhibition to local audiences and engage with the visitors to the gallery. 

Each ambassador will be expected to attend 3 x 2 hour creative training sessions (unpaid) in advance of working as an ambassador. The aim of these sessions will be to discuss the exhibition, meet the artist and learn about how to discuss the exhibition with visitors.


During your time at PEER you will:

  • understand how a contemporary art gallery works and be introduced to possible career paths within the arts; 
  • benefit from peer networking;
  • gain solid customer-facing experience;
  • engage with audiences and conduct basic audience questionnaires;
  • work on a collaborative public art project

HOW TO APPLY: If you are over 16 years old and interested in being a PEER ambassador tell us in up to 300 words why you would like to be part of this programme, what skills you hope to learn and what skills you can bring.

Please email your expression of interest by 6 April 2018 to

For more information call us on 020 739 8080 or drop by the gallery and ring the buzzer to talk to one of our friendly members of staff

Will you enter the FSI Awards?
Will you enter the Small Charity, Big Impact Awards?
Through the FSI Small Charity Big Impact Awards, small charities and community groups can highlight their work and the impact they make on a local, national and international level. Winners of an award receive a package of benefits to help showcase the impact they make, including a film about their charity, an impact assessment provided by the FSI and two development sessions for the charity’s CEO.
The awards are open to charities with an annual income of under £1.5 million and the closing date for applications is Friday 23 March. Full details and application criteria can be found here.

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