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Internet volunteers needed

Would you like to learn to teach others to use a mobile device which has access to the internet and then visit people in their own homes to help them use the device? There are 4 training sessions on Thursday 14th September, 21st, 28th and 5th October from 10.30 - MRS Independent Living premises in Bradbury St N16 8JN With refreshments at 12.00.

Contact: MRS Independent Living       033 03801013

Invitation to the Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report Event

The Adult Safeguarding Board is responsible for ensuring that arrangements are locally in place to safeguard people, so that:
•    Partners including City and Hackney are working together and providing timely and   proportionate responses to peoples safety
•    Staff are working with people to meet the outcomes they want from the situation
•    Safeguarding services are continuously improving

We will be holding an event aimed at service users and carers, where we will be discussing and presenting the Safeguarding Adult Board Annual Report to you:
We would like to:
•    Share the annual report with you
•    Answer any questions that you may have about the report
•    Get your views on how you would like to be involved in the future

Date: Wednesday 6th of September
Time: 2pm to 4pm
(We will be serving light refreshments of tea, coffee and biscuits from 1:45, so feel free to arrive from this time.)
Venue:  The Tomlinson Centre
                 Queensbridge Rd
                  London E8 3ND

Accessibility: Please let me know if you require any support to attend the meeting or if you have any access needs.
If you are a Service User or Carer would like to attend you can email or alternatively call: Krystal Popo on 020 8356 6669
If you would like more information about the Event please contact: Jayde Maynard on 020 8356 6498
Please confirm your attendance by the 18th August, and use reference (SAB) in the heading of your email to confirm your attendance.
Kind Regards,
Krystal Popo
Business Administration Apprentice

Performance and Innovation
Comissioning Division
Children,Adults and Community Health
London Borough of Hackney

Second Floor South
Hackney Service Centre
1 Hilman Street
E8 1DY

Phone: 020 8356 6669

Women and Displacement an invitaton from MEWSO

Dear Colleague,

I am delighted to invite you for a seminar on Women and displacement hosted by MEWSo at the offices of Macquarie Bank.
This seminar will discuss the impact on women who are or have been uprooted and displaced due to a variety of reasons. The practical and psychological effects of displacement are often very individual, and are influenced by the individual’s stage of life. Although displacement affects both men and women, the effects are often different and this seminar will specifically focus on the difficulties that women typically face.   
Speakers will include:
·         Aging  in Exile,  Parizad Bathai,   Psychotherapist (Register UKCP) , has over 10 years’ experience working with refugee women in the UK
·         Research on Migrant and refugee women, Dr Elena Vacchelli, University of Greenwich
·         A life in exile by Halaleh Taheri
·         Storyteller; A woman who has been supported by MEWSo
Guests will leave with a better understanding of why MEWSo exists, the help they provide to those suffering from the psychological consequences of displacement and the vital advice they provide to those aiming to build new lives in a new country.
The seminar will also present an opportunity to engage with our network of volunteers, befrienders and members, as well as meet professionals and experts from other organisations.
Please book your place, by email to
Date and Time: 5th October 2017  
Between 6-8pm (presentations to last 30minutes beginning at 6.30pm)  
Location: Macquarie Bank Limited, 28 Ropemaker St, EC2Y9HD, London
Admission to the seminar is free.
Please join us for an engaging panel discussion with refreshments served at the offices of Macquarie Bank. Four speakers will cover different aspects of displacement, and how it can affect the day-to-day life of a woman in exile.

Yours truly,
Halaleh Taheri

Preventing hate crime: funding for community projects

From:Home Office Part of:Crime prevention

Apply for funding for community projects that prevent hate crime.

— About the fund
— What are we looking for?
— Who can apply?
— How to apply
— Important dates
— Contact us

Hate crimes are crimes that are motivated by hostility on the grounds of race (including colour, nationality, ethnicity and national origin), religion, disability, sexual orientation and transgender identity.

Providing funding for projects that prevent hate crime is one of the actions included in the UK government’s hate crime action plan.

About the fund

The aim of the fund is to work with affected communities to fund the development of partnership projects that:
•prevent hate crime
•respond to hate crime in our communities
•increase the reporting of hate crime
•improve support for the victims of hate crime
•build our understanding of hate crime

The Home Office is seeking to fund projects up to £50,000. Project delivery is expected in June 2018, with all invoices submitted by 31 March 2018. Closing date in 15th September

Full details here

Consultation: the Mayor's vision for a Diverse and Inclusive city

From the GLA website

Start date: 15 June 2017
End date: 11 September 2017

For generations, London has been a shining example of how people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds can live side-by-side and work together.

We must continue to build strong, connected communities and ensure that every Londoner can share in the prosperity of our city.

To achieve this, Mayor Sadiq Khan has published his Diversity and Inclusion Vision. It sets out the future of London as a diverse, inclusive and integrated city and a great place to:

live and grow up

work and do business

feel safe and be healthy

get around, travel and enjoy

Mayors vision for a Diverse and inclusive city

Have your say

The Mayor wants to hear from individuals and organisations that can help him and the GLA group make London a more inclusive city.

If you are an:

  • individual - take part in our Talk London discussion board
  • organisation - respond to our questionnaire with evidence and ideas

And if you require this vision in a different format please contact


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