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Nuffield Foundation

Source By: Community Yorkshire Matters

The Nuffield Foundation grant-making reflects the Foundation's aim of bringing about improvements in society through research and practical experiment.

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Boost Charitable Trust - UK inc. N.I.

Source By: Community Yorkshire Matters

A sports-focused trust which aims to assist disabled and disadvantaged sportsmen, women and children.

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Esmee Fairbairn - Food Strand

Source By: Community Yorkshire Matters

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation has launched its new food strand. Esmee will offer total funding of £5m over a period of three years and is inviting applications from organisations focused on understanding and investigating the critical role that food plays in wellbeing and the interplay between food, sustainability and poverty.

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The future of User-led Organisations

Source By: National Survivor User Network

This briefing sets out the current crisis being experienced by User Led Organisations (ULOs) and seeks to stimulate discussion leading to positive action to ensure their sustainability. Shaping Our Lives and the National Survivor User Network (NSUN), two key national disabled people’s and service user networks, have worked to identify key areas of concern:
1. The loss of knowledge, peer support opportunities and advocacy through the disappearance of ULOs.
2. The social and wellbeing impacts of no collective voice for service users and resulting power imbalances.
3. The unique and valued role of ULOs in the individual self-empowerment and involvement of service users.
4. The particular capacity of ULOs to support diverse involvement and to challenge the exclusion of BME and other marginalised groups.
5. Funding trends that exclude or severely disadvantage ULOs.

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Lloyds Bank Foundation - Enable Programme

Source By: Community Matters Yorkshire

Enable grants fund activities related to the development and improvement of your charity’s capability. Examples include:

  • Pilot initiatives, to trial new ways of delivering your programmes
  • Strengthening your monitoring systems
  • Creating stronger business plans and service development plans
  • Improving your charity’s marketing and communications
  • Investigating mergers, partnerships, shared services and contracts
  • Developing new streams of income and enterprise for your charity
  • Expanding your charity’s capacity to reach new audiences and recruit volunteers
  • Improving your structures and systems, for example in finance, HR, risk management and volunteer management
  • Quality standards (please note that if you already hold a quality mark, you cannot apply for renewal costs under the Enable programme)

Enable grants are awarded to charities that meet our eligibility criteria and have identified clear development areas which will support their growth.

Application Form: On-line eligibility questionnaire, followed by an initial application. If criteria and eligibility met, you will be contacted to complete a full application and assessment.

Deadline: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis

Contact:   0870 411 1223



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