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EDF Research Network and FLaG event: The Future of Legal Gender?

Source By: Kings College

Date: 9 October 2018
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Location: Moot Court Room, Somerset House East Wing, King's College WC2R 2LS

The Equality and Diversity Forum and the FLaG project at Kings College London warmly invite you to our joint seminar.

This (invite-only) event is the first in the new 3 year ESRC-funded research project on the Future of Legal Gender. It will explore the equality and diversity implications of different pathways for reforming legal gender status.

Register through Eventbrite.

You will need the following password to register: FLaG0910

Calling all cyclists – Join Team Mind CHWF for the London to Brighton Cycle this September!

Source By: Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest

London to Brighton Cycle  - September 16th 2018

Join 4,000 cyclists on this mega 54-mile ride from the city to the coast. The spirit is 'taking part' not 'winning', so it's open to all cycling capabilities!


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We are looking for mental health peer mentors

Source By: The Advocacy Project

We have extended the deadline for peer mentor applications. We are looking for people with lived experience of mental illness who would like to be trained as peer mentors and offer one to one support to someone experiencing mental illness. The peer mentor will work with the mentee towards a goal that is of importance to them over 6-8 sessions, for example attending a local sports group.

This is a paid opportunity for peer mentors and may offer a pathway to employment or other opportunities. Applicants will be invited to an informal interview and training will take place in September.

Earlier on in the summer, a small group of peer mentors completed sessions with their first mentees, feedback included:

  • ·         “I found the mentoring experience a positive one – I have managed to develop a number of key skills.”
  • ·          “Went well-is being confident, to be think positive, for being careful”
  • ·         “I think my highlight so far was last week my mentee said she was feeling better after her session that was a very rewarding experience”
  • ·         “I think the whole project  has a been a rewarding experience, it has helped me cope better in peoples company, seeing others in their situation makes me see how far I have come along.”
  • ·         “It has helped me to grabble with my demons and build my confidence and social contact relating to this project it has been very helpful.”

If you know of anyone that may be  interested in the role, please pass them the attached role description, application form and equal opportunities form. The peer mentoring scheme is being coordinated by my colleague Sophie Hudson, Sophie can be contacted on 020 3960 7910 or at If people need support completing the application form, they can talk to Sophie. We would really appreciate it if you could pass on the attached poster or add the poster to notice boards/ community boards.

We will also be looking for people who would benefit from support from a peer mentor (a mentee), I have attached the referral form



Hackney – A Dementia Friendly Borough - Survey for individual transport

Claire Smith at Hackney Community Transport devised as part of our work in Dementia Friendly Borough to improve the lives of residents affected by dementia. 

Click here for the Survey_July_2018_individual_transport_final.docx and email completed survey to

PASS IT ON - Volunteer Training

Source By: Handsinc

As part of the Complementing Your Health Club bi-monthly sessions that include well-being advice, relaxation therapies and chair yoga.

Hands Inc are running a Volunteer training programme, designed to share the style and content of these sessions with other small community groups, by empowering attendees to share what they have experienced. It consists of training to lead a chair Yoga session and support in delivering sessions to community groups.

We are looking for Hackney residents, that are 50+ that have some or all of the following skills and/or are interested in gaining experience in these areas and support in developing these skills:


Community: connectors, active members of local community, who know what's happening, where, whodunit and how!

Media: able use of Facebook for connecting to more people, places, groups (or willing to learn)

Communication: able to speak to people with clarity and on their level.


Isolated: keen to help those little or no social life

Support: are able to empathise with others, can tell what will best support someone.

Listen: part of being involved in a community is the feeling of being heard, you are a good listener.


English: reading/writing (or willing to learn) - some of the role will require light administrative and monitoring tasks, accuracy and clarity is essential.

Leadership: a strong belief in sharing information and experience from an empowered and confident perspective.

Crowd control: at times we will be managing large numbers of people in a short space in time, this requires observation, trouble shooting skills and quick reactions

Events: assist in a voluntary capacity once a month at the Complimenting Your Health Event - some experience of public events would be wonderful.


Can work standing up for at least 3 hours at a time.

Have experienced the benefits of complementary therapy  

Enjoy regular exercise or want to commit to it.

Can attend all training Sessions.

Expenses will be provided for all of those that support the public sessions.

This is a 2 year programme the 1st year you will learn to lead Yoga inspired chair based exercise classes. The second year will be spent visiting community groups and teaching what you have learnt.

Training sessions are held on a Thursday from 10-1pm currents dates are as follows:

1st years dates:

20 September  6 December 14 March

Please contact us if you are interested and we will send you a sign up form. 

Project Officer: Jessica Green

Hands Inc. Director Eileen Bellot

call: 020 3051 8626



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