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Connect Hackney media group summer programme

Source By: Connect Hackney

Conneck Hackney now recruiting for the media group summer programme.



Inspire Together!

Source By: Rosa- The UK fund for women and girls

Inspire Together is Rosa’s new mentoring programme where leaders from the corporate sector are paired with Rosa’s grantees. We aim to provide tomorrow’s leaders of the women’s sector with direction and strategy through advisory meetings, ensuring that women’s charities across the nation can better achieve their goals to the highest standard.

Click below to find out more about Inspire Together.

Inspire Together

City & Hackney Health & Social Care Forum Transformation Update

Source By: HSCF

Transformation Update 5th June 2017

City & Health & Social Care Forum are going to start doing regular updates in this newsletter as there are many changes to the health & social care system being discussed that will affect us all as organisations and as residents. 

We previously published this guide to transformation structure which gives an overview of the governance for transformation. 

Click here to read more - Transformation_Update_5th_June_2017_2.pdf

Child protection

Children England has published a briefing to help raise awareness of the impact of the government's plans to withdraw central grants to local authorities by 2020 on services such as child protection. They ask individuals to sign up to support their campaign.

Free Themed Walks 2017/18

Source By: LBH

There are many stories to be heard and places to explore, with moving by foot made easy in the new programme of free themed walks offered by Hackney Leisure and Physical Activity Team


Walks are led at a moderate pace, with stop listen and see points along the way.


For further information on walking in Hackney, please visit www.hackney,  




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