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2019 Rehearsal

Source By: Census- Office for National Statistics

As part of our preparations for the 2021 Census, Office for National Statistics (ONS) will be holding a census rehearsal in autumn 2019.

What is the census rehearsal?

The census rehearsal is a bit like a “mini-census”. It’s an end-to-end test of just about everything we’ll need to do for the real thing.

However, rather than covering the whole of England and Wales as the census does, the rehearsal will take place in just four selected local authority areas. We’ll invite all households in these areas to take part by filling in a census rehearsal questionnaire.

Why ONS needs to hold a rehearsal

The rehearsal is an important way for us to test that all our processes, systems and services are effective and working as they should before the 2021 Census.

The census is important to all of us. The information it collects helps the government and local authorities plan services like schools, health services, roads and libraries. By running a rehearsal, we can make sure the census runs smoothly and that it represents everyone.

Up to now, we’ve carried out a couple of different census tests to help us prepare for 2021 – but nothing quite on the scale of the rehearsal. This will also be the final major test we’ll be doing before the main event.

Where it’s taking place

We’ve chosen four different local authority areas within England and Wales where the rehearsal will take place. These are:

  • Carlisle

  • Ceredigion

  • Hackney

  • Tower Hamlets

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Live Construction-related Apprenticeships Starting in September & Application Support

Source By: Say-Youth

Serious About Youth (SAY), the Black Training Enterprise Group (BTEG) and the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) are working together to provide an amazing opportunity for young people (16 - 24 years old) living in Hackney, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets or Newham that want to apply for apprenticeships starting in September 2019 to get access to live apprenticeships in a range of roles in the construction industry, as well as valuable support to guide them through the application process to enhance their chances of success.

The support will be provided through an intensive and engaging 1-week employability and application support programme from the 5th - 9th August, which will give them the opportunity to engage and learn from construction industry professionals; enhance their employability and soft skills such as interpersonal skills, problem solving, and preparing for assessment centres/interviews; and will give them hands on support to apply for the live apprenticeships attached to the programme. They will also receive on-going 1-2-1 IAG support after the programme and even after they secure an apprenticeship to help them sustain it.

Though this opportunity will suit young people with an interest in construction/engineering, we also want to attract other young people with an interest in STEM, business, IT and design that have possibly never considered the construction industry before and are potentially unaware of the diverse range of roles available in the industry such as Project Management, 3D Design/Digital-related roles, Quantity Surveying, and many others. We also particularly want to encourage participation from BAME and female candidates. We will have a number of live apprenticeships starting in September 2019 attached to the programme, some of which are: 

  • Apprenticeships with Keltbray in Business Administration (Level 2 & 3), Health & Safety (Level 3), HNC Engineering (Level 4), and Level 2 apprenticeships in Demolition, Formwork, Piling, and Groundworks
  • Engineering Apprenticeships with Careys
  • Level 1 & Level 2 Carpentry Apprenticeships with CDC Carpentry
  • Pipe Layer Apprenticeships with O'Halloran & O'Brien

Please do forward this e-mail and flyer on to any young people living in any of the 4 boroughs highlighted above - interested candidates would then just need to e-mail me (Rommell Wallace - to express their interest in the opportunity.


Free food and fun in Hackney this summer

Source By: Hackney Food Partnership

Are you looking for fun activities during the summer holidays while keeping costs down? Hackney Food Partnership has pulled together this list of free meals and activities that take place across the borough this summer. This is a live document. If you know of free food and fun activities that could be added to the list please email

Click here to see the list-

Your experience of using community halls in Hackney

Source By: Hackney Council

Sam Whitlock is trying to collect feedback from a range of different people on their experience of using a community hall in Hackney. The survey below gives an opportunity to express an interest in participating in a follow up phone call to get further feedback...


Please do complete the survey if you can.It’ll only take 2 minutes:


Tell us what you think


Aligning commissioning policies

Source By: NHS Newham Clinical Commissioning Group

Across north east London, CCGs have been working together to look at how to make sure that people, wherever they live, are able to have the same treatments and procedures. At the moment, this can be different from borough to borough, which isn’t fair for people and is confusing for people working in the NHS.

As part of this work, GPs have said that there are a number of procedures that they feel could benefit from clearly defined criteria so that they are clear about treatment options for their patients – things like which tests are best to carry out or which treatments or medicines to use first.

In order to do this in a consistent way across north east London, CCGs want to make changes to what is known as a commissioning policy. This lists all the treatments, procedures and interventions the NHS funds, and who is eligible to have them. They want to merge the different commissioning policies (currently there are different ones for Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge; City and Hackney; Newham; Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest) to create one. 

By doing this, it would mean that:

  • all patients living in north east London would have access to the same type of care
  • the care patients would receive would be in line with the latest clinical guidance
  • hospitals and GPs would be clear about what policy to refer to, reducing confusion
  • patients would not have treatments that don’t work or aren’t the best option for them.
  • NHS funds would be spent paying for procedures that people need, and that would give them a better quality of life.

GPs from all the CCGs have been working together, looking at what currently happens in each commissioning policy, at clinical evidence and guidance and at work done by NHS England. They have also asked hospital consultants for advice. After lots of discussion, they have come up with what they think needs to change to create a new commissioning policy for north east London.

They now want to know what you think. 

Find out more and have your say 

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