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Commissioning framework for survivors of sexual abuse

Source By: Home Office

The Home Office has published a commissioning framework for support for survivors of child sexual abuse in England. It includes the principles:

  • Commission services according to need
  • Put the victim at the centre of service delivery

Services should be locally led and involve multi-agency working

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JSNA Website Feedback Request

Source By:

Wingwo Kwai who is a User Researcher in the ICT services at Hackney Council is doing a research on the JSNA website for the Public Health team. Wingwo is interested to speak with organisations to find out their experiences of the website.

If you have used JSNA to build a case for funding that they applied for to provide a service to the local community, please share your experience with Wingwo on

Bridging our communities a new initiative by Hackney Unites

Source By: Hackney Unites

Building a stronger community

Hackney Unites has teamed up with the Ella Baker School of Transformative Organising to create a course in 'community bridging'. In Hackney we have a proud record of 'standing together' in the face of adversity, hatred and provocation. But we now believe that rather than waiting for a provocation to unite us in a shared sense of disgust and of sorrow, we need to spend a little time every day building a stronger united community.

That is why we are looking to bring together people from Hackney's diverse communities to explore how we create 'bridges', opportunities for understanding and friendship to be forged between people from different communities. We take inspiration in doing this from the legacy of the murdered MP Jo Cox, who famously said: 'we have more in common than that which divides us'.

We do not plan to charge for the course, but it will require a commitment to a two hour evening session each week over six weeks, as well as a small amount of 'homework' in between.

We use the term 'community' very loosely, you, or your group, could be from a particular estate, a particular religious or ethnic group, or you could be bound by ties of culture, or of a shared experience of oppression. The idea is that at the end of six weeks, a diverse group representing different communities, will have learnt a lot about each other, and hopefully, will want to work together to increase the opportunities for Hackney's communities, to find ourselves in each other.

If you, or your group, are interested either in attending the course, (the first course will run in January 2020) or help develop the course contents, through participating in a project advisory group, or just to find out more, then please sign up here.


Who we are

Hackney Unites is a coalition for social justice, we work to create organised and inclusive communities. We are grateful for financial support from our many individual donors.

Help to claim project

Source By: DWP & Hackney Council

At the last Hackney Advice Forum meeting Benno Allermann from Eastend Cab and Stephen Hanshaw from DWP mentioned the Help to claim project at the Jobcentres in Hackney.

Please click here for the leaflet for the Help to claim for Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets.  The Job Centre days are not included in the leaflet as these days could change.

For Advice or support organisations, the best option is likely to call or provide the number to call the Helpline/ Appointment line 0800 144 8 444.

The EU Settled status project, helping residents apply to the EU settlement scheme can also be shared. To get their help with this, simply call this number 0208 525 6350 and ask for help with EU Settlement Scheme. The details of the client will then be taken and they will call back with an appointment time for the application.

Participants Needed for Research on a New Employment Initiative

Source By: EMPOWER, Mind in the City, Hackney & Waltham Forest

There are some people who find it harder than others to get a job and also hold down a job; this can be for many reasons. Some people find relationships difficult and that can make it hard to get along with work colleagues and supervisors, while still getting what they want. Some people experience strong emotions that ‘come from nowhere’ and take a long time to go down or leave you feeling overwhelmed. These problems can sometimes lead to difficulties building confidence at work and managing work pressures.

We have designed a new employment initiative (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills for Employment; DBT-SE) to help support people who experience these kinds of problems and are conducting a research study* to see if the initiative helps people to keep regular employment.

If you think this study sounds like something that might be useful for you or you would just like some more information about what taking part involves, please contact the EMPOWER research team using the following information:

You can email us at

Or telephone us on 0208 525 2337

*Please note that this study is a randomised controlled trial (RCT) therefore participants are randomly allocated to either the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy-Skills for Employment initiative group or a local mental health employment service in your area.

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