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Consultation: the Mayor's vision for a Diverse and Inclusive city

From the GLA website

Start date: 15 June 2017
End date: 11 September 2017

For generations, London has been a shining example of how people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds can live side-by-side and work together.

We must continue to build strong, connected communities and ensure that every Londoner can share in the prosperity of our city.

To achieve this, Mayor Sadiq Khan has published his Diversity and Inclusion Vision. It sets out the future of London as a diverse, inclusive and integrated city and a great place to:

live and grow up

work and do business

feel safe and be healthy

get around, travel and enjoy

Mayors vision for a Diverse and inclusive city

Have your say

The Mayor wants to hear from individuals and organisations that can help him and the GLA group make London a more inclusive city.

If you are an:

  • individual - take part in our Talk London discussion board
  • organisation - respond to our questionnaire with evidence and ideas

And if you require this vision in a different format please contact


Trust For London new funding Priorities

The Priorities are listed below

Good Homes and Neighbourhoods

Better Work

Decent Living Standards

Shared Wealth

Pathways to Settlement

Stronger Voices

Connected Communities

Each ofthe priorities is explained in their funding guidance

If, after reading the guidelines, you are in doubt as to whether your work fits then please telephone us so that TFL can discuss and answer any specific queries you may have, on 020 7606 6145.

If you are confident your work meets the funding priorities you need to complete their online application form.

Closing dates

There are three closing dates for applications:

  • 5th October 2017, 1pm
  • 1st week of February 2018 – date TBC
  • 1st week of June 2018 – date TBC

Applications must be received by 1pm on the closing date.

It is important to note that they only accept applications via their online process.


Hackney Co production charter for Health and Social Care in Hackney & City

Local residents and patients can give feedback on the first-ever Co-production Charter for Health and Social Care in Hackney and City Draft-Co-production-Charter_for-consultation.pdf until 29 Sept.
Healthwatch Hackney and Healthwatch City drafted the Co-production Charter based on feedback and ideas shared by over 70 residents at the People as Partners: Co-production Conference in July. Co-production is defined as designing, reshaping or delivering services in equal partnership with the people who use them in order to create better services and outcomes.

The charter sets out the rights people can expect from health and social care organisations in Hackney and City for the co-production of health and social care services. The charter will go to the City Integrated Commissioning Board, Hackney Integrated Commissioning Board, and Hackney and City Health and Social Care Transformation Board for endorsement in October. The boards are made-up of senior leaders from local health and care organisations that we expect to sign-up to the charter and implement its principles.

Send your feedback to by Friday 29 September 2017. The full conference report is available here -

Santander discovery grants up to £5000

Santander Discovery Grants
Grants must directly benefit disadvantaged people in the UK and must fall under one of three themes; explorer, transformer or changemaker.  Application is done by dropping nomination into a box at a Santander branch.
Amounts: £5000

London Catalyst £1000 - £5000

London Catalyst
London Catalyst project grants target funding at initiatives that will tackle the effects of poverty and ill health. They will fund any reasonable and appropriate project cost.
Amount: £1000 - £5000
Deadline: 6 wk assessment period, committee meets June, Sept,  Dec

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