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Empower parents to address violence
Taste and Teach the Non ViolenResistance Approach
Empower parents to address violence
Thursday 18 November 2018 09.45 to 11.45am
Thank you for sharing concerns that some parents need help to adopt new methods at home so that children and young people use alternatives to violence.
The child’s experience at home has a great influence on their outlook and attitudes as adults.
VCS organisations are invited to nominate up to 3 members of staff or parent representative to attend the  Non Violent Resistance training introduction session.
Participants will increase understanding of how to use the trainers toolkit and deliver the non violent parent support approach to your service users. Together we will unpack the impact of smacking and support parents to apply tested alternatives approaches to raise young people that do not use violence to address problems.
The session is led by Vicky Rodrigues of ELFT,  It takes place Thursday 18 January 09.45 to 12.45 at Hackney  CVS 24 to 30 Dalston Lane E8 3AZ
To  book your place email
You are also invited to reserve a place.
Booking Form
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Is the nominated person available to cascade the training for up to 3 sessions with another person   
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From: Helpline 
Sent: 23 November 2017 09:58
To: Helpline; Kristine Wellington
Subject: Taste and Teach the Non Violence Resistance training 
When: 18 January 2018 09:45-11:45 Europe/London.
Where: Hcvs

Taste and Teach the Parents Non Violence Resistance Training Thu 18 Jan 2018 09:45 – 11:45 London
 Hackney CVS and East London Foundation Trust are working on ways to support parents to improve understanding of children's mental health. 

As part of our Parents Know How approach we want to engage and empower parents to shape the content of programmes and initiatives created to benefit parents.

Hackney's frontline organisations and East London Foundation Trust share a joint theme and have a focus on African heritage communities: Our theme is Empowerment and Education.

Parents must be in the driving seat to improve outcomes for their children.

You are invited to attend and shape the content of a new Non Violence Resistance Learning programme. 
You and your parents are needed to taste and shape the content of the new Non Violence Resistance training which professionals plan to deliver across City and Hackney to a diverse parent population.

Kindly nominate Parents, volunteers and staff with the qualities to empower and educate parents.

Thursday 18 January
09.45 to 10.45
Hackney CVS

Summary of steps
Step 1: Nominate 3 participants to 3 attend The Taster session

Step 2: Comment on the content from a cultural centred perspective
Step 3: Set a date and share your resources needs to deliver the programme in a community setting
Step 4: Deliver, Reflect and Learn

More information to follow

For further information email or


Upcoming training

There's some great training from Hackney CVS. 

Training includes 

Health & Safety at Work Essentials. 15th January 2018


Basic Risk Assessment. 23rd January 2018


Mental Health First Aid Lite. 25th January 2018


GDPR Compliance - Get Ready! 31st January 2018


Introduction to PQASSO. 8th February 2018


Mental Health First Aid. 13th & 14th March 2018


For all other enquiries email:

VCSE Personal Health Budgets newsletter: London region

Source By: Voluntary Voices 

National VCSE Personal Health Budgets summit

Join our major national event on personal health budgets on 28th February at the Holiday Inn Regents Park, London.

We'll be welcoming a range of speakers from the national and local voluntary sector as well as NHS England's Personalised Care Group. While the focus of the summit will be PHBs, discussions will explore the wider personalisation agenda, how voluntary and community organisations can play a part, and news of forthcoming developments. Speaker details will be announced in January.

A limited number of places remain for this event so please book your ticket soon to avoid disappointment.


Share your views on children and young people's mental health- Consultation on Green Paper

Source By: NHS England

The Government has published its green paper on children and young people’s mental health. The consultation will run until midday on 2nd March, 2018.

You can read the full green paper here and respond to the consultation here . The Department of Health and Department for Education are finalising a number of consultation events for early 2018, including for children and young people, and details of those will follow in due course. 

Review: impacts of changes to NHS (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations

Source By: Migrant Women's Rights Service 

The Department of Health is carrying out a review into the impacts of recent changes to the NHS (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations. These changes have meant that non-exempt overseas visitors are now additionally chargeable for NHS services (excluding primary care services) when they are provided in the community, instead of just when provided at a hospital, or when they are provided by a non-NHS organisation, instead of just when provided by an NHS organisation.  

We are currently looking for providers of these newly chargeable community services to take part in this review. If you would like to contribute, or to find out more information, please contact (0113 254 5760).

For more information on this group's aims and posting guidelines, please visit

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