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How does the health and care system work? How is it changing?

Source By: The Kingsfund


How does the health and care system work? How is it changing?


One of our organisational goals is to be a valued source of information and insight. As part of this, we aim to improve people’s understanding of the health and care system, how it works and how it is changing.

 Click here to see some of the key pieces of work in this area.

Higher Level Theatre event - 15th October 2018

HLT is a non profit charity organisation which seeks to empower children, young people and adults though drama, in order to become positive role models and aims to reduce crime amongst our young people, eliminating social exclusion in our society. We bring together people to share skills, creativity, learning and helping to build a fairer environment. We have Volunteers from a wide range of professional backgrounds that live and work in the community. We maintain an outstanding track record that promotes positive life changes and is highly beneficial to those involved, and those who have experienced the works of Higher Level Theatre.

We are currently seeking funding to help us with our production U CAN'T RUN 2. Hackney Marsh Partnership have generously provided their space in kind for rehearsal and we are in need of sponsors to help put “U Can’t Run” on and to cover costs at Hackney Empire.

This event will take place on the 15th October 2018 at the Hackney Empire, Hackney London E8 1EJ at 7.30pm

PASS IT ON - Volunteer Training

Source By: Handsinc

As part of the Complementing Your Health Club bi-monthly sessions that include well-being advice, relaxation therapies and chair yoga.

Hands Inc are running a Volunteer training programme, designed to share the style and content of these sessions with other small community groups, by empowering attendees to share what they have experienced. It consists of training to lead a chair Yoga session and support in delivering sessions to community groups.

We are looking for Hackney residents, that are 50+ that have some or all of the following skills and/or are interested in gaining experience in these areas and support in developing these skills:


Community: connectors, active members of local community, who know what's happening, where, whodunit and how!

Media: able use of Facebook for connecting to more people, places, groups (or willing to learn)

Communication: able to speak to people with clarity and on their level.


Isolated: keen to help those little or no social life

Support: are able to empathise with others, can tell what will best support someone.

Listen: part of being involved in a community is the feeling of being heard, you are a good listener.


English: reading/writing (or willing to learn) - some of the role will require light administrative and monitoring tasks, accuracy and clarity is essential.

Leadership: a strong belief in sharing information and experience from an empowered and confident perspective.

Crowd control: at times we will be managing large numbers of people in a short space in time, this requires observation, trouble shooting skills and quick reactions

Events: assist in a voluntary capacity once a month at the Complimenting Your Health Event - some experience of public events would be wonderful.


Can work standing up for at least 3 hours at a time.

Have experienced the benefits of complementary therapy  

Enjoy regular exercise or want to commit to it.

Can attend all training Sessions.

Expenses will be provided for all of those that support the public sessions.

This is a 2 year programme the 1st year you will learn to lead Yoga inspired chair based exercise classes. The second year will be spent visiting community groups and teaching what you have learnt.

Training sessions are held on a Thursday from 10-1pm currents dates are as follows:

1st years dates:

20 September  6 December 14 March

Please contact us if you are interested and we will send you a sign up form. 

Project Officer: Jessica Green

Hands Inc. Director Eileen Bellot

call: 020 3051 8626



Representative role for Communication workstream - deadline 27 08 2018 at 5pm

Source By: HSCF

The Structure of the Transformation Board and the Integrated Commissioning Board is supported by 8 subgroups which each have or are in the process of developing a Terms of Reference.  Four of the eight subgroups are defined as ‘Workstreams’ and their role is to consider delivery of the range of integrated services around Planned Care; Unplanned Care; Prevention; and Children & Young People. 

The Planned Care Workstream works on an Associative Member model, and as such the Rep would attend the Core Group as and when requested to do so.

Purpose of the Planned Care Workstream is to represent the system and be collectively responsible for:

  • Management of pooled budgets for planned care related activity;
  • Management of performance of planned care related activity;
  • Development of Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategies;
  • Improving outcomes;
  • Ensuring delivery of local ambitions, plans and STP ambitions across Planned Care related activity;
  • Redesigning services and delivery where necessary to have a greater impact across the Planned Care agenda.

Health and Social Care Representatives work to represent the Voluntary and Community Sector on the various Boards, Groups and Workstreams that are part of Integrated Commissioning. They do not need to be experts in the area that they are representing, but they do need to understand or learn where to get information from so that they can understand the area they represent, and share information from Integrated Commissioning with the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Please click here for more information about this workstream and what this role requires.

Information - Transformation_Rep_Pack_-_Comms_v0.1.docx

Application form - HSCF_Application_form_for_Communication_representative_role.doc

The deadline to apply for this role is Monday 27th August 2018, 5pm and the interview for this role take place week commencing 3rd September.

English assessments for classes starting in September

Source By: Learning Trust

Our courses will help you become more confident about

English in everyday life. You can also take qualifications

that can help you find a job.

Classes are FREE and run all over Hackney

Click here for more information - English_assessments_EXTRA_SESSION_SEPTEMBER_2018.docx

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