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Hackney – A Dementia Friendly Borough - Survey for individual transport

Claire Smith at Hackney Community Transport devised as part of our work in Dementia Friendly Borough to improve the lives of residents affected by dementia. 

Click here for the Survey_July_2018_individual_transport_final.docx and email completed survey to

PASS IT ON - Volunteer Training

Source By: Handsinc

As part of the Complementing Your Health Club bi-monthly sessions that include well-being advice, relaxation therapies and chair yoga.

Hands Inc are running a Volunteer training programme, designed to share the style and content of these sessions with other small community groups, by empowering attendees to share what they have experienced. It consists of training to lead a chair Yoga session and support in delivering sessions to community groups.

We are looking for Hackney residents, that are 50+ that have some or all of the following skills and/or are interested in gaining experience in these areas and support in developing these skills:


Community: connectors, active members of local community, who know what's happening, where, whodunit and how!

Media: able use of Facebook for connecting to more people, places, groups (or willing to learn)

Communication: able to speak to people with clarity and on their level.


Isolated: keen to help those little or no social life

Support: are able to empathise with others, can tell what will best support someone.

Listen: part of being involved in a community is the feeling of being heard, you are a good listener.


English: reading/writing (or willing to learn) - some of the role will require light administrative and monitoring tasks, accuracy and clarity is essential.

Leadership: a strong belief in sharing information and experience from an empowered and confident perspective.

Crowd control: at times we will be managing large numbers of people in a short space in time, this requires observation, trouble shooting skills and quick reactions

Events: assist in a voluntary capacity once a month at the Complimenting Your Health Event - some experience of public events would be wonderful.


Can work standing up for at least 3 hours at a time.

Have experienced the benefits of complementary therapy  

Enjoy regular exercise or want to commit to it.

Can attend all training Sessions.

Expenses will be provided for all of those that support the public sessions.

This is a 2 year programme the 1st year you will learn to lead Yoga inspired chair based exercise classes. The second year will be spent visiting community groups and teaching what you have learnt.

Training sessions are held on a Thursday from 10-1pm currents dates are as follows:

1st years dates:

20 September  6 December 14 March

Please contact us if you are interested and we will send you a sign up form. 

Project Officer: Jessica Green

Hands Inc. Director Eileen Bellot

call: 020 3051 8626



Third Party Escalation process for DWP benefits (not tax credits, carers allowance, housing benefit etc)

Source By: National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers (NAWRA)

‘DWP JCP Escalation Routeway’ or 'Third Party Escalation Process' for jobcentre benefits.
This is a two sided document which provides the process (i.e. list of JCP contacts names and numbers) for dealing with:

  • individual JCP benefit issues i.e. the ‘normal routes’
  • if the issue can’t be resolved i.e. ‘escalation’ “e.g. We are supporting Joe Bloggs who has not received his UC housing payments and is under threat of eviction, can you look into this so housing costs can be paid asap ?
  • For generic queries that may affect multiple claimants “e.g. Does somebody need to claim UCFS if they move into this area?”

They emphasise its for partner organisations/providers, so that should include all advice services.
Here is page 1
So if you don’t know about it, here’s the list of the regional Partnership Managers who should put you in touch with the local Partnership Manager where you can ask to get on the list to receive it.

Creative Civic Change- Bigg Lottery Fund, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Local Trust

Source By: Creative Civic Change 

They are looking to support communities across England who are using the arts and creativity to make positive social change in their local areas. The first phase of the programme, the ‘community call out’ phase, is asking communities to express an interest in being part of the programme’s next phase - the development phase. They are accepting expressions of interest until 28th September 2018. 

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£4m fund launched to help people with disabilities in work

£4m fund launched to help people with disabilities in work

The Department for Work and Pensions has launched a new ‘challenge fund’ to help more people with mental health or musculoskeletal conditions to stay in work.

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