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Learning the lessons from when things go wrong

Learning from SARs - ½-day  Participatory Workshop

 This is the lessons from a few incidences where services have not communicated in the best way to safeguard residents. Thses lessons are very importnat for any Voluntary Sector group working with people with health and social care issues, with people at risk of self neglect or with memtal health capacity issues. 

Date: 14/11/2017

Time: 09:15 or 13:15 to 12:30 or 16:30

Venue: The Tomlinson Centre


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Register of apprenticeship training providers

source LVSC

The register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP) is now open for applications and closes at 5pm on Friday, 27 October. 
Organisations that are approved to deliver apprenticeship training for employers using the apprenticeship service. 

Senior Advice, Support & Guidance Worker

Senior Advice, Support & Guidance Worker

  • Hackney, London
  • £29,216 - £30,523 pa + excellent benefits

We’re looking for a well-organised individual who’s used to providing specialist level housing, debt or welfare benefit advice  See more here

Senior Grants and Philanthropy Executive

Senior Grants and Philanthropy Executive

  • London EC1
  • £33,138 - £34,243 pa plus excellent benefits

We’re looking for a highly motivated individual with experience of obtaining high value gifts from trusts/Big Lottery Fund See more here 

Feedback from the Transformation Board 13 Oct

This feedback is also available on trello - Rep Vanessa Morris

Transformation board 13.10.2017


1.       Work streams assurance point: Prevention, Unplanned and Planned care workstreams are making progress, focus now is going to be on staff/organisational development and open communication of aims, plans and progress.  All health and social care funds for preventing ill health will now be pooled, and some planned care funds- for residential and continuing care will be too.

Areas of opportunites for your organisation: - planned care- IAPT for LTC, self-management to reduce unnecessary Outpatient appts, support with virtual appts


2.Business plans: Proactive care- CCG funding for identifying frail people at risk of admission. Service will offer 2 home visits at place of choice and holistic   assessment. Expansion of Frail Home Visiting Service.

How it could affect your organisation/ service users:  link in to neighbourhoods model that will build on the work of One Hackney;  Connect Hackney, potential for “Trusted Assessors” to be non-clinical staff.


3.Co-production charter presented by HealthWatch Hackney- embeds principles of co-production, and expects all organisations involved in IC/ACS to commit to and train their organisations in how to enhance co-production.


4. Communication and Engagement strategy and plan:  Communications plan conveying purpose and activity relating to Integrated Commissioning, the Sustainability and Transformation Plan and the development of the Hackney  Accountable Care System. The Key messages the plan will speak about are:


1. An integrated approach will lead to better outcomes for our diverse community, making the most of reduced resources. 

2. The Accountable Care System aspires to create people focused services that support people to take a more active role in their health and improve wellbeing – preventing ill health.


Engagement plan includes proposal to use time credits (health and wellbeing activities) to encourage and acknowledge public involvement in developing and improving the system.

Plan for engagement incudes a website and stories in the local and national press, including sharing the evaluation report case studies of people who’ve benefited from integrated commissioning –Have you got good examples of joint working producing better outcomes (possibly from One Hackney?) that you’d like to tell?


Upcoming main areas of interest to VCS:

Neighbourhoods model business case coming to TB- November- 1 hour dedicated to reviewing business case                                             

VCS strategy- now for information- November

Outcomes framework- November

Schools based health services

Learning Disability Service model

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