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Hackney main grants deadline 20th September

2018/19 grants programme

please see Hackney VCS grants programme 2018/19 prospectus [doc, 199.5Kb] which provides information on the types of grants available, the eligibility criteria and how to apply. 

Main grants (including holiday play schemes)

This year voluntary and community sector organisations can once again apply for two year main grant funding from 2018-20, enabling them to plan longer-term outcomes for their users. Applications can be made for grants between £5,000 - £30,000 for a 1 year grant or up to £60,000 for a 2 year grant, for initiatives that will:

  • promote social inclusion, encourage independence and develop personal resilience
  • build positive relations between different groups and communities that will maintain the high levels of community cohesion in Hackney

The deadline for applications is 12 noon, Wednesday 20 September 2017.

Please read the guidance on completing the main grant application form 2018/19 [doc, 249.5Kb] if you wish to make an application. 

Apply Continue your application

organisations interested in applying to the Hackney VCS grants programme.

Hackney CVS will be running how to apply workshops [pdf, 225.49Kb] as well as one to one surgeries to support the application process.  


Near Neighbours small grants - Closing Date 17th November 2017

Source By: Church Urban Fund

The Near Neighbours programme offers small grants between £250 and £5,000, as seed funding for local groups and organisations who are working to bring together neighbours, to develop relationships across diverse faiths and ethnicities in order to improve their communities.

Grants have offered funding to a broad range of work; environmental, social, cultural, artistic, and sporting, that furthers the programme’s aims of encouraging social interaction and social action.

Our grants include the following criteria. Projects should:

  • Bring together peoples of two or more different faiths and/or ethnicities, to build friendships and develop relationships of trust.
  • Work locally. We want to see people who are living very locally (i.e. in the same street, estate or neighbourhood) come together.
  • Work sustainably. We want to see long term and natural relationships grow, that will last beyond the period of funding.
  • Work to improve the community. We want to see people working to make their communities a better place to live.
  • Involve diverse people in planning and implementation. People from more than one faith group and/or ethnicity are involved in planning and implementing the proposal.

Grants Criteria and Guidance

Application form

Eligible Areas

Closing Date Friday 17th November 2017

Click here for more information

Big Potential- Closing Date 11th October 2017

Source By: Big Potential, Big Lottery Fund

Big Potential, a Big Lottery Fund grant fund, will deliver approximately £20m of grant funding over 3 years to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations with the aim of improving their sustainability, capacity and scale in order that they may deliver greater social impact. Grants are available from £20k up to £150k.

Click here to apply and for more information

Closing Date: Wednesday 11th October 2017

Training Calendar August-December 2017


Sport England Family Fund

Earlier this year, Sport England launched a new fund aimed to offer new opportunities for families with children to get active and play sport together. The aim is to give families inspiration and confidence to take part together and enable quality family time.

Click here for more information

Submission of an expression of interest form closes on 17th August.

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