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Keeping African Heritage children and young people safer – partnership event

Keeping African Heritage children and young people safer – partnership event 

9.30-13.00, Thursday 7th December 2017, Tomlinson Centre,

The City and Hackney Children’s Safeguarding Board, Hackney Council and Hackney CVS invite you to a joint event to help us improve the way we all reach and engage with children, young people and families from the African heritage community. The event brings safeguarding professionals and organisations working with African heritage families together so that everyone has a better understanding of each other’s work and of ways they can work together.

Event Agenda





Welcome from Chair of CHCSB and Cllr Bramble



Overview of board priorities


Overview of Improving Outcomes for Young Black Men Programme


Good practice and insight

Example of existing partnership working

Reaching vulnerable young people – the views of young people



Small group discussion based on identified themes: defining issues

Key questions:

What are the key issues and concerns under each theme?

Who are the people who are least visible to the statutory sector and within the community?

What are the barriers and issues with reaching them?






Small group discussion based on identified themes: improving partnership working

Key questions:

How can we improve the way we work together to address the issues identified? 

What are the practical measures that could be taken to improve the way we work together?



Plenary feedback and next steps  





Free Callblockers

Source By: National Trading Standards 

FREE call blockers

The National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team is focussing on dementia sufferers who may be receiving scams or nuisance calls and offering a solution. The NTS Scams Team is offering FREE call blocking devices.

Why install a call blocker

Previous trials have shown that the blocking technology supplied by trueCall ( is extremely effective blocking over 95% of nuisance calls.

People have reported many benefits from having a call blocker such as

  • Allowing people to live independently for longer
  • Significantly reducing the risk of financial harm.
  • Reducing anxiety, confusion and stress for older people, their family and their professional carers
  • Reducing the risk of trips, falls and distraction accidents due to getting up to answer the phone unnecessarily
  • Helping those who live alone feel safer and more in control and giving peace of mind to their family and friends[i]

To get a FREE call blocking device, YES should be answered to the following

  1. Do you or the person you are applying for receive nuisance and scam calls?
  2. Does the person who would like the call blocker have dementia? 

If you answered yes to the above then please apply at

We would also encourage you to do the 20 minute Friends Against Scams online learning.  Friends Against Scams has been created to tackle the lack of scams awareness by providing information about scams and those who fall victim to them

If you have any queries please contact us at

To see what else the government is doing to combat nuisance calls by searching for #NoNuisance on social media visit

'Stay Healthy' event

Source By: Healthier Together Hackney 

The Healthier Together Hackney (HTH) Service has been designed to promote physical activity, mental wellbeing and healthy eating, improving people’s health and supporting the reduction in health inequalities in Hackney. The programme offers both weight management and physical activity on referral programmes, to support individuals in achieving personal goals. 

Who is Healthier Together Hackney for?

The Healthier Together programme is for people who are:

  • Aged 18 years or over
  • Hackney resident, or registered with a Hackney GP
  • Ready to make significant changes to their daily habits
  • In need of structured support to make lifestyle changes 

Where is the programme available?

Healthier Together sessions are delivered from a number of leisure centres and community venues across the borough.

  • Britannia Leisure Centre
  • Clissold Leisure Centre
  • Kings Hall Leisure Centre

Who can make a referral?

We currently do not accept self referrals, and can only accept referrals from Allied Health Professionals:

  • GPs and Practice Nurses
  • Secondary and community health care providers
  • Pharmacists

Non Health Professionals should contact the team for more information on how to make a referral:

  • Adult Social Care providers
  • Voluntary and community service providers

For more information please call the Healthier Together Hackney Team on 0207 749 7645

Coffee Morning for Survivors of Abuse

A session for both women and men who have suffered or overcoming trauma from sexual, emotional/psychological, physical abuse; domestic violence, rape, child abuse hosted by Malakh Zebulun and Maurice Ellington. Also, if you have witnessed some type of abuse and been affected by it somehow or even a partner who is undergoing the pain....come along! 

We have a team consisting of NLP, Psychologists, Counsellors and Life Coach Providing support for you in a relaxed setting. 

We look at issues you have, and ways of coping. This is an informal meeting where you can build a rapport with groups of people who have gone through the similar experience as you! 

At times, we may invite in different speakers or trainers to provide ideas or workshops for some of the sessions.

If a group session stirs up feelings or issues for you that you need more support with than the group can offer, please be aware that we provide counselling and coaching sessions when needed. 

All this for just £5 covering refreshment! (plus 80p booking fee)

Tell a friend to bring a friend


Healthier Together Hackney -


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