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Advice Officer
VCH win national Groundwork UK award for best community group contribution to community cohesion

Message from Lauren Tobias - CEO Volunteer Centre Hackney

I’m excited to let you know that last night we were selected as the winners of a national Groundwork UK award for best community group contribution to community cohesion for our resident-led skills-share project Our Place which is based down on New Kingshold. Over time, we have seen over 130 residents develop hugely in skills, confidence and ambition running a whole variety of projects themselves that make their lives and their area better, while the peer support they offer each other is immeasurable. Thank you so much for your support to VCH and on the Our Place project. We could not deliver it without our partners and funders, past and present, who include People’s Health Trust, Southern Housing Group, Public Health, Hackney Council, Shoreditch Trust and Cordwainers Grow who have all been incredibly supportive. We would love to be able to roll this project out across Hackney, as it truly helps local residents with very difficult backgrounds, including quite severe mental health issues, to develop in confidence and make friends with their neighbours who they would never otherwise meet.


Here’s a link to more information about the project


Hackney is now officially a Social Enterprise Borough

On 1st November 2017 the London Borough of Hackney was awarded Social Enterprise Place Status by Social Enterprise UK.   Its CEO, Peter Holbrook, presented the award to
Mayor Philip Glanville at the Social Enterprise in the City conference at Hackney House in Shoreditch
Social Enterprise Place status is awarded to global hotspots of social enterprise activity where local partners are committed to growing the sector further. The Hackney Social Enterprise Partnership, which put together the successful application, is led by
Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC and brings together a group of organisations (Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC, Bootstrap Company, Hackney CVS, Hackney Roots, London Borough of Hackney Council, Shoreditch Trust, UBS, UnLtd and Urban MBA) who are working to build a stronger local social enterprise ecosystem in Hackney that can improve levels of well-being and inclusion well beyond what the private sector could achieve on its own.

Peter Holbrook, CEO, Social Enterprise UK said: “We’re delighted to announce that Hackney is now an accredited Social Enterprise Place. The award recognises the dedication and vision of the residents and partners of the Borough of Hackney in their commitment to cooperation and to building an economy of social enterprise. Throughout the country Social Enterprise Places are reinjecting life into local communities, creating opportunities, local wealth and changing lives for the better.
Mayor  Philip Glanville said "I am proud of the Hackney Social Enterprise Partnership which put awarded Social Enterprise Place status. However, as a borough, we have set our ambition even higher to build on this excellent work and develop a thriving social enterprise ecosystem in Hackney. I recognise that together we shall need to work hard over then next three years to realise that ambition."
"We are really excited by this award - Hackney has a long history of social enterprise activity", says Edward Quigley, the new CEO of Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC. "Nevertheless we want to grow the social enterprise sector further" ... "We want the sector to rise to the challenge of generating jobs, opportunities and vital services for local people - especially for young people and for groups who do not yet benefit from the economic growth and gentrification recently experienced by the borough.”
 Nick Wright, Managing Director, Global /EMEA Community Affairs UBS, which supports HCD's social enterprise development work in the borough, said “This is a tremendous achievement and we are delighted that Hackney has achieved this accreditation. This is testament to the collaborative work between the partners involved in the Hackney Social Enterprise Partnership and to the positive impact that social entrepreneurs are making across Hackney.”
Kofi Oppong of Urban MBA, a Hackney based social enterprise and member of the partnership says: "This is recognition for the many years of hard work put in by social entrepreneurs throughout the borough."

Contact:! Sophie Higgins, Special Projects Officer, Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC on or 07547 025 568 or on twitter via @hackneycoops

About the Hackney Social Enterprise Partnership
The partnership was formed to promote social enterprise development in the borough. Member
organisations comprise: Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC, Bootstrap Company, Hackney CVS, Hackney Roots, London Borough of Hackney Council, Shoreditch Trust, UBS, UnLtd and Urban MBA!
About the Social Enterprise in the City event! !
Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC was pleased to present the ‘Social Enterprise in the City’ one-day conference at Hackney House, in a partnership led with Hackney Council (for full list of partners see below) which brought together over 120 people interested in social enterprise.
Using Hackney as a case study, the conference explored how to develop a vibrant urban social
enterprise ecosystem in which social enterprises can address inner city challenges. The day also included an opportunity to work with the Mayor of Hackney to draft a Social Enterprise Manifesto for Hackney.

Partners: Hackney Council, UBS, Social Enterprise UK, Co-operatives UK, Locality, Loughborough
University, UnLtd, Hackney CVS, Mediorite and Pioneers Post!
Drinks reception sponsor: Global Digital Foundation!
Delivery Partners: CAN Invest, Red Ochre, Co-operatives Assistance Network, Alliance , Working With Voice and Calverts
Conference Twitter: #SEITC2017 for the event and @hackneycoops!

About Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC!
Hackney Co-operative Developments, itself a social enterprise, has engaged in Community
Economic Development projects in Hackney for over 30 years and in particular the support and
development of new co-operatives and social enterprises. Aside from social enterprise
development, HCD helps over 80 local businesses, community organisations, cultural institutions
and shops remain in Dalston through its role as a supportive provider of affordable workspace;
provides packages of free training and support for Hackney residents who are furthest from
employment; and manages a diary of community and cultural activities in Gillett Square. Hackney
Co-operative Developments were honoured at the Mayor of Hackney Business Awards early this
year when they were presented with the Hackney Business Charter Award for Best Overal
Contribution to the Borough.!

About the Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney programme!
Hackney Co-operative Development’s Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney programme is
supported by UBS and delivers professional business support to start-up co-operatives and social
enterprises or those planning for or experiencing growth. The programme provides local cooperatives
and social enterprises with the necessary skills and knowledge to grow their business,
in turn growing the local economy and the socially-owned share of the wider economy. We believe
passionately that social enterprise in its many forms offers individuals the opportunity to come
together to create businesses that are better for them and society and we are here to support
those with the talent, ambition and commitment to succeed.!

Advice Officer

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