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Safeguarding Awareness 1/2-day course programme 2017-18.

Source By: LBH

Safeguarding Adults Awareness ½-day courses: a.m. & p.m

09:15 or 13:15 Registration
09:30 or 13:30 Start
12:30 or 16:30 Finish
20/07/2017 20/09/2017
23/10/2017 23/11/2017
23/01/2018 23/02/2018.

Adult safeguarding means protecting a person’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. Care Act 2014.

Safeguarding means protecting people's health, wellbeing and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect. It's fundamental to high-quality health and social care. CQC 2016.
These sessions will help staff and partners to recognise the signs and report concerns.

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Please send completed application Forms to:
Further information:

Click here for flyer - CDM-18333430-v1-FLYER_SA_Awareness_1_2-day_course_2017-18.pdf

Children With Voices Summer Session


Introduction to Sexual Health and Condom Distribution Training

Brook in Partnership with Come Correct & TFCP provide free training to Hackney & City Professionals, who work with young people, or at risk adults.

Introduction to Sexual Health and Condom Distribution Training

Training to deliver Come Correct or The Free Condom Project
This intense two day training course is for organisations who wish to deliver the Come Correct or TFCP schemes.
This training is free and open to professionals who work with young people in Hackney & City, or at risk adults
(25+ affected by homelessness, living with HIV, MSM, Black African, people affected by substance misuse)


At the end of the training participants will have an increased knowledge of sexual health issues and will have explored and practiced how to incorporate sexual health and the distribution of condoms within their current roles. 

Dates  & Times of Training
Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th, June, Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground, 9:30am-5:30pm

Wednesday 27th &  Thursday 28th September, 10am-5pm, Dalston Library

Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th December, 10am-5pm, Dalston Library

Click Link Below to Book:

A Voluntary & Community Sector Strategy for Hackney

Recognising the unique and important role of the VCS in Hackney, the Council and Hackney CVS are leading the development of a new strategy for the sector. This will sit alongside the emerging new Community Strategy and will set out the sector’s vision for the future and how we can work together to engender a thriving VCS. Given the many pressures facing the sector and the increasingly challenging funding environment this is a critical piece of work that will support the sector as a whole to continue contributing to the success of Hackney.


We initially adopted a social research approach working with a representative mix of local organisations to begin developing the vision and to set out some draft overarching strategic objectives and principles for the strategy that are relevant to and potentially benefit the whole sector. We are now broadening the engagement and offering an open invitation to local groups and organisations to attend a focus group in order to comment on these, sense check them and identify any potential gaps.


We are holding 3 Focus Groups please click on the links to book:


15th August  2pm - 5pm


17th August 10am -12.30pm


5th September 10am - 12.30pm


If you cannot make any of these dates but wish to be involved please email 

Supporting and Including LGBTQ Young People

Source By: Brook in partnership with Come Correct & TFCP

This training is free and open to professionals who work with young people in Hackney & City
This training aims to support participants to increase understanding and confidence around LGBTQ terminology, definitions and experience, and gender identity.
Dates  & Times of Training

Wednesday, 25th October, 10am-5pm 2017- Location- Dalston Library 

Click Link Below to Book:

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