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NCVO report Consortia Stronger Together September 2016

Click here for the report

Devo Next - LGA paper
The new Government has set out a long-term agenda for economic and social reform. This paper sets out local government’s offer of anew partnership with Government to tackle the big challenges facing our country 

Where people in Hackney get information

A survey of Hackney residents conducted by Social Action For Health


Health in Mind Annual report of the Director of Public Health 2014-15

Click here to viewPJ58391_Public_Health_Annual_Report_FINAL.pdf

A councillor's guide to the health system

Source By: NAVCA

The Local Government Association has produced an overview of the health
system that emerged from the Health and Care Social Act 2012. Whilst aimed at councillors this does give a clear overview so is of wider interest.

Furthermore it could be a route in to engagement with your local councillors, particularly as it has a list of councillors' "must knows" - the VCS could help local councillors identify the answers for several of these.

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