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Restructuring heath and social care the alzira model

Access your own complete guide to integrated healthcare

Following on from DAC Beachcroft's work to more clearly define the requirements of the NHS Five Year Forward View, which includes our research and report 'Understanding the Barriers to Innovation' and also our recent examination of the strategic challenges in 'The Route to Integrated Healthcare', we have established a series of advice sheets to guide senior leaders through the challenging landscape of health and social care integration.

These advice sheets examine the various risk areas, for example, issues relating to workforce, regulatory burdens and choice of organisational structures (to name a few) and includes the latest advice and practical examples of how to overcome any associated barriers.

To request a hardcopy of 'The Complete Guide to Integrated Healthcare' please email or call +44 (0)117 366 2467.

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New guidance issued for charity bag collection organisations

The Committee of Advertising Practice has issued guidance to companies who collect charity bags door-to-door, in light of a complaint made to the Advertising Standards Authority last year.

Free guide to GDPR and data protection for charities

A free guide to help charities understand GDPR and comply with data protection law has been published. GDPR - the General Data Protection Regulation - is a new EU law governing data protection, which will supersede the Data Protection Act in 2018. GDPR will not introduce widespread changes to existing law, but will increase the monetary penalties for non-compliance.

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Free digital benchmarking tool used by hundreds of charities

More than 400 charities have used a free digital benchmarking tool in its first year, the tool's creator said last year. The tool assesses whether a charity has the skills it feels it needs to operate in a digital world.

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