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New free Social investment toolkit from Cass CCE

Source By: Centre for Charity Effectiveness

Social investment is a more commercial way of funding activities and is becoming a more important tool in a nonprofit’s funding mix. It has considerable potential to fund the sector and help secure its future.

Cass CCE has just launched a brand new guide as part of its Tools for Success pack. The new guide will help you to understand social investment and how you can use it in your funding mix to deliver sustainability and impact.
The guide also includes a diagnostic tool that you can use to think about social investment.

Download the guide

DBS check delays at the Metropolitan (Met) Police

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Find out why there have been DBS check delays at the Metropolitan Police. > Read more

Dementia risk reduction toolkit

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Tools and resources, such as PHE's local dementia profile tool, the dementia data catalogue, and the NICE guidance on midlife approaches to delay/prevent dementia can be accessed on the Health Matters blog.

New toolkit helps make the link between improving cold homes and health outcomes

PHE has worked closely with the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Centre for Sustainable Energy to help develop the Affordable Warmth and Health Evaluation Toolkit, which was launched last week.

The direct and indirect impacts of cold homes on health is well recognised in policy and research, such as the Cold Weather Plan for England and the NICE guidelines on Excess winter deaths and illness and the health risks associated with cold homes. Locally delivered schemes to tackle the problems of fuel poverty and cold homes are important in enabling households to achieve health and wellbeing benefits.

The new evaluation toolkit aims to help local organisations who manage affordable warmth schemes, and their partners, to understand the effects of their scheme on health and wellbeing and therefore build better relationships with the health sector. Identifying the link between an affordable warmth scheme’s interventions and health and wellbeing improvements can also contribute towards helping local authorities fulfil their Public Health responsibilities.

The Affordable Warmth and Health Evaluation Toolkit can be found at

New carers toolkit

NHS England has published a toolkit to help health and social care organisations work together in identifying, assessing and supporting the wellbeing of carers and their families.

Read more

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