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Funding Central

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Health in Mind Annual report of the Director of Public Health 2014-15

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Transport in Hackney

Looking for transport in Hackney 

Check out HCT options for group transport or for individuals transport

Responding to consultations effectively: Tips for voluntary organisations

Source By: SYFAB

This resource from Compact Voice includes short tips to help voluntary organisations respond effectivelyand efficiently to any departmental consultation, ensuring that the organisational voice, and the voice of their service users, are received and listened to.

You can read the resource here:

Londons Poverty Profile

London’s Poverty Profile - October 2013

Last week Trust for London released the findings from the latest edition of London’s Poverty Profile (LPP).
It shows that poverty continues to shift from workless to working households and
from social housing to the private rented sector. Unemployment and
underemployment are high and levels of low pay are increasing, which along with
welfare reforms are hitting poor Londoners hard. Some of the key findings

  • For the first time there are more private renters in poverty than social
  • The majority (57%) of working-age adults and children in poverty are now
    in families that work
  • Finding accommodation that falls within the new benefit caps will be
    impossible in some boroughs and difficult across the whole of London

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