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Londons Poverty Profile

London’s Poverty Profile - October 2013

Last week Trust for London released the findings from the latest edition of London’s Poverty Profile (LPP).
It shows that poverty continues to shift from workless to working households and
from social housing to the private rented sector. Unemployment and
underemployment are high and levels of low pay are increasing, which along with
welfare reforms are hitting poor Londoners hard. Some of the key findings

  • For the first time there are more private renters in poverty than social
  • The majority (57%) of working-age adults and children in poverty are now
    in families that work
  • Finding accommodation that falls within the new benefit caps will be
    impossible in some boroughs and difficult across the whole of London

Hackneys Local Account -What Adult Social Care did last year

From LBH website


What is a local account?

Every year the Council produces a local account to tell people what their adult social care department is doing. The local account explains how much the Council spends, what it spends money on, what it is doing and future plans for improvements.

Hackney's local account 2013-14

This year we consulted to find out:

  • what people wanted to see in the local account
  • what sort of format they wanted
  • how they wanted to read it
  • what they thought about services  

This is Hackney's fourth local account. There are 10 fact sheets, plus a glossary and detailed statistics sheet. For the first time there is a fact sheet on public health and information on what we spend on carers' services. If you would like to save the fact sheets, right click and then choose save target as.


Two men

We spent £106.5 million on adult social care in 2013-14, 33% of everything the Council spends. 5,064 people were eligible to receive an ongoing service such as home care, residential care and extra social work support.

Download the overview fact sheet (PDF, 1.2MB)

Older people

City & Hackney Health and Wellbeing Profile


The City and Hackney health and wellbeing profile provides a detailed description of the health and wellbeing needs of the local population.

Our Health and Wellbeing Board is now responsible for the production of this document, which is also known as the joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA).

It provides a 'big picture' of local needs, ranging from the social and environmental conditions which shape health and wellbeing through to the specific illnesses and conditions that local people suffer from. The profile is used to improve the way the Council and the NHS commission and deliver services for local people.

Health and wellbeing profile - data update 2014

You can download the whole document or individual chapters:

Elise Centre

Facilities at the Elise Centre

call 0207 241 1333


1-to-1 room

Meeting space for 1-4 people. Ideal for counselling or consultations. WiFi included. Printing available for an additional cost.

Click here for rates.


Meeting Room

Meeting space for up to 20 people. Includes use of WiFi and projector system. Printing available for an additional cost.

Click here for rates.


Ideal for meetings of up to 50 people or dance, yoga or fitness classes. Includes use of WiFi, stereo system and projector system. Printing available for an additional cost.

Click here for rates.


I.T. Suite

A suite of 10 desktop PC's with internet access. Ideal for teaching basic computer skills and using the internet. Printing available for an additional cost.

Click here for rates.

Hackney CVS Conference Room

Call 0207 923 1962

The Adiaha Antigha conference room has plenty of natural light and is suitable for conferences, larger meetings and training courses. We also have an interactive SMART board.

  • Boardroom: Seats up to 34 comfortably.

  • Theatre: Seats up to 45 comfortably.

  • Refreshments: £1.50 per person includes tea, coffee, biscuits, mineral water and fruit juice.*

  • Catering: We can give you a list of preferred caterers or you can bring in your own catering.


Length of time

Up to 4 hours

Over 4 hours







Download a booking form here

Small meeting room

This meeting room is free for use to members of Hackney CVS, subject to availability. This small meeting room seats up to eight people comfortably.

*Refreshments are provided and charged for the numbers of people stated when making the room booking. If you do not require refreshments please let us know when you book.

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