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Free digital benchmarking tool used by hundreds of charities

More than 400 charities have used a free digital benchmarking tool in its first year, the tool's creator said last year. The tool assesses whether a charity has the skills it feels it needs to operate in a digital world.

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Launch of our free guide to community organising

Source By: Hackney More in Common

What is community organising?

It seems like everyone is talking about community organising these days. Hackney Unites have been practicing it for eight years, and with the help of Trust for London, we thought we would share our understanding and help others to begin to organise their community. 

You can download our free guide here


We are still preparing for our contribution to the More in Common weekend (celebrating the life of Jo Cox MP murdered for her commitment to social justice) which we are hosting on 17 June.

Our next meeting will be at Hackney CVS (The Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZ) from 5:30pm till 7pm. It is very important that groups wishing to play a role in the event try to send a delete if at all possible. This is where decisions will be made.

Just to reiterate

We are organising a More in Common event which include elements of arts festival, community networking, debates and discussions, workshops, yoga, and food! We are also hoping to host a Hackney short film festival (so please send in your suggestions).

Already over 30 community groups want to be part of this. There are too many to list, but they include: Hackney CVS, Amnesty international, Caribbean Elderly Organisation, Hackney Yo

Start your social enterprise

Venue at Social Action for Health (SAFH)

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