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new legal structure - Charities Incorporated Organisation

A new legal Structure option - Charity Incorporated Organisation

New option for the legal structure of your organisation - Charitable

A Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO)  is a new legal form for a charity:

  • A CIO is an incorporated charity that is not a company
  • It only has to regsiter with the Charity Commission not Company House 
  • It can enter into contracts and its trustees will normally have limited or no liability for its debts.
  • See the full guidance from the charity commission tonight

Attachment:  Charity Incorporated Organisations.pdf

Guide to key stages in funding applications

From Funding Central Click here ot go to their resource page or click on the links below

Know your facts

Guide to tendering for contracts

From funding central - Click here for the guide

or the links below

Know your facts

Calculating the REturn on Investment if Volunteer Engagement for internal performance monitoring

Volunteer Squared is happy to be announce the launch of another free online resource for the volunteer sector: the Mission Points ROI calculator, designed to help you measure the Return On Investment associated with engaging volunteers at your organization.
The Mission Points ROI model treats the number of volunteer hours consumed by an organization, as an expense. Viewed as expenditure, we would value volunteer time in the same way that we value money: we would spend only to the degree necessary, to best reach the mission of our organization. Consuming more volunteer hours might mean more gets accomplished – or it may mean volunteer time is being wasted.
The Mission Points ROI model allows us to see volunteer contributions as an expense, and in turn encourages us to manage our incredibly valuable volunteer resources more effectively.
I invite you to explore further, by downloading the Mission Points ROI manual, and giving the concept a try at If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to share this information with your peers. As we develop the Mission Points ROI model further, we welcome as many suggestions as possible in order to improve and refine it as a vital Volunteer Management resource.

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