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Raising Safeguarding Adults Awareness

We want to raise awareness of adult safeguarding and learn from our experience

The City and Hackney Safeguarding Adult Board (CHSAB) is committed to increasing safeguarding awareness amongst residents and frontline community groups.

Neighbours, service users, carers, the faith sector and frontline organisations play a key role in raising awareness around adult safeguarding. The CHSAB has a pool of trained safeguarding champions that are on standby to deliver an introduction session for up to 90 minutes in a community setting.

The safeguarding champions can deliver awareness sessions during the day, in the evenings or on Saturday.

The awareness sessions will:
i. cover key safeguarding areas
ii. types of abuse
iii. provide an insight in to who is affected
iv. help people to develop an understanding of how to identify the signs
v. protect residents and users
vi. Highlight who to contact to make the right referrals in time to make a difference.
Participants will have an opportunity to ask key questions about safeguarding.

Participants will have an opportunity to ask key questions about safeguarding.

Everyone is welcome to attend the raising awareness training. CHSAB is keen to hear from micro and small groups affected by poverty and inequality. We encourage residents and organisations who provide services to residents; older people, Asian and BME communities. We are keen to work with micro, small and the faith sector.

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Resources for Safeguarding - Toolkit, Guidance and Referral form 




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