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Vision Values and Aims VCSETLG


The Voluntary & Community & Social Enterprise Transformation Leadership Group (VCSE TLG) has been set up by Hackney CVS , to ensure the VCSE in Hackney can take its place as partners in the City & Hackney Integrated Care System and support the City & Hackney ICS to achieve its vision, values and strategic objectives here


Our  Values

We will act with Transparency, Honesty and Respect

We will

  •     Be clear when decisions made, by who, and the rationale
  •     Be clear if our organisations are bidding for something
  •     Share all minutes  with wider networks
  •     Share honest narrative
  •     Actively identify conflicts of interest- including potential ones
  •     Have honest dialogue- check things out early
  •     Regular check in’s/reviews 1-1 process to feed in concerns
  •     Value all the learning including from ‘failure’
  •     Actively consider ‘negative feedback’   and explore where conflicts     come  from  

We are more than the sum of all the parts

We will
    Actively seek solutions from many.
    Work to  create a collaborative climate
    Model & promote collaboration
    Actively lobby for collaborative and network approaches to investment
    and for measures to ensure people are supported

We believe in enabling people to create lasting change

We believe
    All services should be co-produced
    We need to provide mechanisms for residents to develop and  deliver their own projects

We will ensure the decisions we take are coproduced
We will help local services to embed the principles of ‘self-care’

We believe the VCSE  have many of the solutions to intractable issues

We will work to

  • Promote a culture of evidencing and  demonstrating impact (in some  cases using public metrics, other times developing our own evidence)
  • Ensure that our funding bids enable us to be flexible in meeting local needs
  • Co-produce funding bids and  include people’s voices in our decisions
  • Continually gather evidence of need,  quality and  respond to it as quickly as possible
  • Ensure that any delivery partnerships we create will have partners who sign up and adhere to these principles
  • Embed role of the VCSE in the whole ICCS system by working with  commissioners and all system partners.

We will be purpose driven…

We will

  • Make sure grassroots groups are able to be part of our delivery partnerships
  • Continually check we are mission driven and  write these into our partnership agreements
  • Create regular opportunities for reflection and invite external challenge

Our Mission

To ensure the unique expertise of the VCSE sector is integrated and recognised strengthened in the Integrated Commissioning and Care System

Our Aims

 Aim 1: To influence and support system change on behalf the independence diverse VCSE in City & Hackney

 Aim 2:  To lever more resources into the VCSE in line with the increased usage and evidenced outcomes  for Hackney residents.

 Aim 3: To develop and deliver strategy

 Aim 4: To be strategic lead of the diversity of VCSE and to be accountable to the wider VCSE in Hackney


  • Looking at and learning from national and international best practice and local intelligence
  • Building  capacity through  securing resources for devolved leadership
  • Developing  an IT infrastructure to build up the local  evidence base
  • Developing clear communications about the ICCS and work on the VCSE Transformation Leadership Group

Promoting culture change across the ICCS system  – in line with the LBH VCS Strategy

‘We will work to  build a stronger shared understanding between the ICCS and the VCSE, enabling each to understand the strengths and challenges faced in their respective roles. A changed dynamic will be manifested in a more equal partnership, built on trust and common purpose.

A more collaborative culture will mean that it is possible to think beyond traditional organisational boundaries and share ideas, intelligence, expertise, as well as creating opportunities for more creative partnerships, joint bidding, and shared services. Ultimately, this will help to benefit residents in Hackney with cross sector working focusing on different ways to address the needs of the most vulnerable in the borough.’ LBH VCS Strategy (adapted to ICCS)  

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