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Draft Memorandun of Understanding

Please tell us if you agree with the below about

  • membership of the vcsetlg; -
  • decision making protocols
  • board representation role



The VCSE TLG Executive Board    will have a maximumof18 members

And a minimum 10 members 

All members of the VCSETLG will have an area of specialism within the Integrated Commissioning & Care System and will represent the views of the wider VCSE to this system.

Minimum attendance requirements: If members miss -3 VCSE TLG meetings in  a row then they  must stand down stand down

 All members will go through a transparent selection process. All vacancies will be advertised widely , at a minimum in the

  • Hackney CVS newsletter
  • Hackney CVS website
  •  Direct mailing to appropriate network members
  • Via ICCS communications

 Selection will be via written application against a specific role description and interview process with two members of the VCSETLG on the panel and 1 partner from the ICCS .

Each member,    is a member,   as an individual  appointed for their own skills and knowledge, however it is expected that they have experience of and are employed by or volunteer at a Voluntary or Community Sector organisation

 Members are tasked with representing and developing strategy for the wider VCSE particularly the members of the VCSE Networks and cannot seek to  advantage their employer as any part of their role.


Decision making protocols 

Quorum : All meetings need attendance by three members  with voting rights to be quorate

Decision making - All Decisions must be agreed by  1/3 of leadership group quorum – The Chair has the casting vote vote

Votes can be submitted by email within 48 hours.

At least 5 members need to vote before a decision is endorsed. – within 48 hours

Hackney CVS, Volunteer Centre Hackney and Healthwatch Hackney has advisory  status at the VCSETLG but not voting rights

All members have one vote, however if more than one member has the same employer then they only have one vote between them.


The Chair shall be elected by the VCSE TLG

The  chair shall have a 2 year tenure with the potential to extend for another two years subject to approval by the VCSETLGA Deputy Chair shall be elected

The Deputy Chair  has casting vote in the event that the  Chair is not available.

Role of VCSE Transformation Leadership Group members on boards and workstreams of the ICS

The core elements of each of the roles are to:

  • To participate in the relevant and assigned ICS meeting. Papers will be circulated prior to meetings; attendance at this meeting is as the Representative of the VCSE in Hackney  and therefore the expectation is that whoever fills the role will not be an ‘expert’ in all fields.  It is therefore crucial to ensure regular communication with partners across the sector; the Policy Lead from Hackney  CVS and other lead Representatives  through:
    • Attendance at the VCSE Transformation Leadership  Group (monthly meetings), and Forum/ Network meetings meetings (quarterly) to ensure that representatives understand the diversity of Health & Social Care Voluntary & Community Sector issues: 
    • Contributing to briefings to the wider sector on the work of the board/ workstream, the discussions and decisions taking place at the group and the likely implications for VCSE  operating across the Health and Social Care Sector; :
    • Attend and participate in pre-meeting with voluntary and statutory sector partners as required:
    • Attend cross network executive meetings to look at issues that affect the Voluntary & Community Sector across the piece (quarterly): 
  • Feedback at meetings and via this website issues coming up at the meetings:
  • Attend monthly and participate in the board or workstream:
  • Attend and participate in pre-meeting with voluntary and statutory sector partners as required:
  • Build relationships with local organisations that are working under the priorities in the workstream  and keep them informed.
  • Clarity re deselection entails – 75% of meetings – proxy  mechanisms
  • Reflect other network members Hackney Refugee and Migrant Forum / Hackney Advice Forum don’t have to be on ICS boards.
  • Secondments will have separate Job Descriptions but same responsibilities to the board
  • Reference expenses policy
  • Foster good relationships with statutory and VCS and patient / public partners:
  • If named representatives   cannot attend any board workstream meetings then they have the responsibility to let Hackney CVS policy lead staff know as far in advance as possible, who will then seek to gain a substitute representative from the VCSE Transformation Leadership Group.
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