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Project Manager Essentials -

This interactive workshop will introduce you to the core skills you will need to manage any project. It is case study based with participants working in groups to deliver relevant Hackney examples of the tools and techniques provided.


Project management in practice

Project management in practice

This three day interactive workshop will allow you to develop and practice all the skills you will need to manage any project. We use Hackney case studies and work in groups, using core tools and techniques to deliver real life example of managing a project. Giving you useful feedback for the future.


Brief Introduction Care Act 2014- What is the Care Act?

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A summary guide for voluntary and community sector service providers

A guide from the Equality & Diversity Forum for Voluntary & Community Sector providers about their obligations under the Equalities Act


Factsheet on NHS charges for migrants with no recourse to public funds

This factsheet summarises what NHS healthcare migrants with NRPF can access in England, whether this will be chargeable, and the new Immigration Health Charge. 

For full details please refer to the legislation that is referenced and the Department of Health’s Guidance on operating the overseas visitors charging regulations (March 2015).

Healthcare is a devolved matter and so different charging exemptions apply in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, although the Immigration Health Charge still applies to migrants who are intending to reside in those parts of the UK. 

NHS treatment is not a ‘public fund’ for immigration purposes, so migrants subject to the ‘no recourse to public funds condition’ are not prohibited from accessing NHS services. 

More information available here: NHS-healthcare.pdf

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