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Free guide to GDPR and data protection for charities

A free guide to help charities understand GDPR and comply with data protection law has been published. GDPR - the General Data Protection Regulation - is a new EU law governing data protection, which will supersede the Data Protection Act in 2018. GDPR will not introduce widespread changes to existing law, but will increase the monetary penalties for non-compliance.

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Free digital benchmarking tool used by hundreds of charities

More than 400 charities have used a free digital benchmarking tool in its first year, the tool's creator said last year. The tool assesses whether a charity has the skills it feels it needs to operate in a digital world.

Free guide to charity events

Tennyson Insurance have produced a free, handy guide for planning and promoting charity events. It is full of tips and advice from organisations that run successful events all over the UK, and covers topics such as:

  • budget and sponsors
  • venue, volunteers, and promotion,
  • on the day of the event
  • after the event
  • insurance

You can download it from here:

New Mental Health Act code of practice

A revised code of practice for the Mental Health Act 1983 provides guidance for professionals.

The code shows professionals how to carry out their roles and responsibilities under the Mental Health Act 1983, to ensure that all patients receive high quality and safe care.

There have been significant changes in legislation, case law, policy and professional practice since the last code was published in 2008.

The revised code aims to provide stronger protection for patients and clarify roles, rights and responsibilities. This includes:

  • involving the patient and, where appropriate, their families and carers in discussions about the patient’s care at every stage
  • providing personalised care
  • minimising the use of inappropriate blanket restrictions, restrictive interventions and the use of police cells as places of safety.

Social value and commissioning toolkit

This toolkit, produced for the Children's Partnership, on commissioning and social value provides a succinct overview of the current commissioning landscape. It highlights key pieces of government legislation and important reforms to EU procurement law which come into force later this month.

Some of the challenges most commonly encountered by charities when bidding for contracts are also explored along with some practical advice on how to potentially overcome them.

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