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Hackney Community Transport – your low-cost solution to transport

Hackney Community Transport is the founding part of leading social enterprise HCT Group. Our aim is to help our community to get out and about. We provide Group Transport – a low cost alternative to minibus hire for community groups, including accessible vehicles, all of which are an alternative to minicab hire for people with disabilities or mobility difficulties, as well as everyone else in the community!. We also operate a scooter loan programme in Camden, and offer minibus driver training (MiDAS) and more.

  • About Hackney Community Transport Hackney Community Transport (HCT) was originally founded in 1982 when around 30 local community groups in the London Borough of Hackney pooled their vehicle resources, providing low cost minibuses to help our community to get out and about. Community is at the heart of what we deliver – from our main office staff through to our committed and passionate drivers.
  • Minibus hire – a low cost alternative: We provide community groups, clubs and non-profit organisations in Hackney with a financially supported scheme to access cheap minibuses - Group Transport. This service is financially supported by Hackney Council and by money reinvested from HCT Group’s commerc
Approved Workspace Provider List

Apply to be registered on Hackney Council's approved workspace provider list. The Council welcomes submissions from workspace providers with existing operations in the borough, or who have a proven track record elsewhere and are looking to establish themselves in Hackney. The Council is looking for providers who are working in some or all of the borough’s growth sectors, and who support businesses and creative organisations at various stages of their development. The Council is particularly interested in the approach providers take to delivering affordable workspace and wider community benefits

Volunteer Plus: a national website for volunteering

Powered by Volunteer Plus software and the data of Volunteer Centres from 10 counties including Essex, Shropshire, Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex and Newcastle, the website will enable volunteers throughout England to search for opportunities local to them.

More than 45 Volunteer Centres nationally are already using Volunteer Plus software. It has supported approximately 35,000 enquiries and 28,000 new registrations over the past year. This includes 10 Volunteer Centres throughout Essex which combined efforts to create Volunteer Essex.

Volunteer Centres who wish to be part of the planned website can find out more about the Volunteer Plus software by emailing, calling 01621 842511 or by visiting

National charities who would like a presence on the website are also invited to get in contact to discuss advertising opportunities.

DWP guidance on length of PIP awards

Please click here for the DWP guidance on length of PIP awards.

Online tool to help small charities demonstrate impact

Click here-

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